The Positives of Staying in a Hostel 08/08/2017

    The Positives Of Staying In A Hoste



When deciding to travel the world or even just a continent, budget constraints can often dictate where you will lay your head at the end of the night. Often times simply reaching your most desired destination can use up half of your budget leaving little money for luxury accommodation.  

This is often when a hostel becomes an obvious choice. But there are many other reasons to choose a hostel as well as the beneficial budgetary savings. Firstly hostels are often located very centrally. With many hostels placed beside or very near to famous attractions, choosing a hostel can save on travel costs to and from attractions. This saving can often make up for the lack of hotel luxury, as many hotels choose to be located in a quiet, peaceful area that can be removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many hostels are also often located very close to central transport such as large train or bus stations, which can make the journey to and out of large cities a lot more convenient.  

Hostels also tend to be geared a lot more towards the budget traveler and many times offer special deals and discounts for their guests in conjunction with local pubs and restaurants, which can make a nice change of pace from an expensive hotel restaurant and bar. In this vein hostel staff can also be very good at letting you know the cheaper, hidden places to explore that guide books and maps often over look. 

But perhaps the greatest positive to staying in a hostel is the social aspect. Hostels especially youth hostels actively encourage travelers to meet and mingle. They offer the communal use of T.V rooms, lounge areas and of course a kitchen. It is a stark difference to the private bathrooms and 'Do Not Disturb' signs of hotels. The social aspect of hostels can be a wonderful thing, you can meet people of all nationalities and if you are travelling solo it is often a great way to find a 'Travel Buddy' to come exploring with you for a while as a nice break from seeing everything solo. 

Overall hostels make a fantastic option for those on a budget and looking to meet different people from all over the world.

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