Prague's New Year's Eve 08/08/2017

Prague’s New Year’s Eve 

New Year’s Eve is an evening of thrill and excitement for new beginnings, a new leap in the right direction, a kick start to help you begin a new plan, and while many different traditions exist in order to celebrate this, from Auld Lang Syne to Red underwear (tradition quite popular some of the romance language areas).  Every countries got its own traditional way to ring in the New Year.   

However, some traditions are more universal than others and one which we all seem to enjoy is a good fireworks display!  One of the most iconic of which occurs in the Czech Republic’s capital every year.  As midnight beacons, crowds gather in several of Prague’s landmark areas to watch firework displays.  The most famous of which is seen at Charlie’s Bridge overlooking the Vltava River where you can see a clear view of the display.   

But fireworks is not all Prague has to offer, from Gourmet Restaurateurs to Bar Crawling Stag Weekenders, Prague is filled with nightlife activities for all.  In the daytime, why not check out some of the tours of the city.  Prague is a richly cultural cities and is home to lots of art, classical music (as well as contemporary) and historical architecture. 

So why not consider a trip and celebrate this New Year’s Eve in one of Europe’s top destinations! 

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