How to Travel Light! 08/08/2017

                                             How To Travel Light  


When it comes to preparing for a trip a lot of the preparation can go into deciding what to bring. Having to transport heavy luggage throughout your trip can lead to stress, hassle and an overall negative experience. Travelling light is a much sought after idea but can in reality be difficult to adhere to. Here are some tips to help you travel light on your next trip! 

The first tip, seems obvious in it's simplicity but it can really help when trying to lighten the load ; bring a smaller bag. Having a large bag can often encourage you to try to bring more than you need. Travelling with a smaller bag forces you to reassess your priorities and think about what you really need to bring as apposed to what you want to be able to bring. 

Toiletries can often weigh a bag down and they cause extra hassle at security when having to be transferred to a clear bag. When travelling with toiletries it can be a good idea to purchase small bottles and jars, then transfer products, such as moisture cream, shampoo and conditioner into them, so that you only have to travel with what you need. 

A very important tip when trying to pack light is to make a list. By making a list you will be able to keep in mind what the essential items are that you need. Sticking to your list should help to prevent you from over packing and adding items to your case that you do not need. 

Overall packing light can at first seem like a very tricky prospect but you will be glad that you took the time to insure that you only travel with what you need and can enjoy your holiday without extra weight on your mind or in your luggage! 

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