How to Choose a Holiday Destination 08/08/2017

  How To Choose A Holiday Destination 


Deciding to actually take a holiday is only the first of many decisions that come with planning a trip! Choosing where to spend the time that you will dedicate to enjoying yourself can be a challenge. First the nature of the break needs to settled on, is it a solo trip? A romantic weekend? Or a fourteen day exploration? If you are a couple hoping for an intimate, romantic break it can be quickly ruined by the discovery that your chosen destination is favoured by unattached youths who simply want to party. 

Once you know what you would like to get from your time away it is easier to choose where the most ideal place would be. Try reading advice forums and message boards to discover secret spots that others who sought the same type of trip as you recommend. Venice is without a doubt a very romantic city but for this reason it is teeming with couples hoping to carve out their own intimate romantic experience, which is hard to do while pushing through endless crowds! There is likely somewhere that has yet to garner a lot of attention but could in fact be the prefect spot for romance. Online reviews and word of mouth from friends can help get you closer to this hidden information. 

Once you have decided what kind of trip you're hoping to have the next biggest factor to consider is your budget. It is a sad fact that many people have never and may never visit the places that they long to see due to money restrictions. It can be very disheartening to think of our great wide earth as a place that it takes money to truly enjoy and explore. So why not consider a more positive viewpoint? If you currently live in Ireland think of people living in the Mid West Of America, a person living there would need to take into account visa's, a long journey and a very expensive plane ticket to ever able to experience what lies just beyond your front door! Of course it is exciting to see new places but can any of us say that we have truly seen every single acre of the country in which we were born or currently reside in? 

 If your budget is small but adventuring is on your list of travel desires, consider exploring areas of your country that you have never seen or perhaps even overlooked. Suddenly eliminating a expensive plane ticket from your travel budget can open up a new world of possibilities! Another great option for small budgets is to consider house swaps or home stays. Staying in another family's home while they in turn stay in yours can be a wonderful way to experience a totally different home life while also having a vacation. A Home stay where you are hosted by a family can be equally rewarding. You will find yourself immediately immersed in the culture and traditions of a whole new community! 

Where ever you decide to go as long as you bring an adventurous spirit and the desire to step out of the everyday, you are bound to have a wonderful time!

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