Christmas Getaways 08/08/2017



Christmas is a time when people like to treat themselves as a reward for their accomplishments for that year. This can often mean simply buying in your favorite foods for the festive period or buying tickets to a show, but if the budget allows it, it can be exciting to experience Christmas somewhere new! 

Once budget has been considered the next decision to make is deciding where to go! First you need to ask yourself what kind of Christmas you would like to have. Would you like to experience a white Christmas with all the traditional trimmings or would you rather escape the cold and have a tropical Christmas? 

If you choose to celebrate the holiday season in the heat then the Caribbean is a wonderful option. If you book early, travelling to the Caribbean in winter can work to your advance as it is off season and tickets prices will be slightly lower than if they were being purchased for a Summer trip. Barbados and Tobago guarantee warm weather and can provide a tropical change to the traditional Christmas. If you are hoping for Caribbean winter sun but you are on budget The Dominican Republic can offer a cheaper trip and Christmas is celebrated with a passion there. 

If you would prefer to brave the cold for the chance to experience a Winter Wonderland a trip to Lapland to see Santa is always an option but there are other equally enjoyable places to consider that can help build up your holiday cheer. Europe can offer many different choices for snow breaks. Salzburg, Austria is famed it's sprawling Christmas markets and Sweden's Gothenburg is also famous for it's much visited Christmas markets 

So whether you decide to bask in the sun or bundle up in the cold, hopefully your Christmas adventure will be one to remember! 







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