'The Elephant Nature Park' in Chiang Mai, Thailand 08/08/2017

 'The Elephant Nature Park'



Set up in the early nineties 'The Elephant Nature Park' in Chiang Mai Thailand, has a reputation for being one of the most reputable and trustworthy Elephant sanctuary's in Thailand. Their aim is to provide sanctuary to mistreated Elephants from all over Thailand. Their mission statement also involves rainforest restoration, where in they are planting new trees, that are indigenous to the area. They also promote visitor education, providing each visitor with knowledge about the history of the Thai Elephant and its natural behavior in its natural habitat. 

The park offers many different tours all of which have received high recommendations and reviews for their ability to educate, provide close interaction with the elephants and allow the elephants to enjoy their freedom in a familiar habitat. 

They offer The Single Day Visit in which you tour the park and observe the elephants and hear stories of how each elephant came to be rescued. There is also The Overnight Visit which lasts for two days and one night. During this trip visitors have the chance to bathe and swim with the elephants and will also have the opportunity to feed them. Visitors then spend the night in Park Huts. 

The park also offers short term Volunteer programs where visitors can stay for up to two weeks and aid in the care of the animals. The Weekly Volunteer Program involves preparing the elephant's food and feeding and bathing them. They also offer the Full Day Pamper a Pachyderm visit. This involves spending a whole day and evening caring for an Elephant. 

So if you are visiting Thailand and you are looking for a exciting way to get to know the local Flora and Fauna, The Elephant Nature Park is worth a Visit!  

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